Swim Tribe Membership

Especially for swimmers who want to:

1. (Basic) Explore undersea creatures in shallow waters
2. (Intermediate) Distance swim with swim buddies
3. (Advanced) Compete in Swim events or Triathlons

Fishlike Coaches Reveal Secret Tactics Like “Alligator-Eyes” & “Hip-Driven” Techniques To Help You Gain An Unfair Advantage In Any Open Water Swim (That Would Even Make Schooling Proud)!

Discover How You Can Easily Conquer Your Fears Of Long Distance Open Water Swims With The Help Of Master Coaches!

Yes! I want to be a Swim Tribe member!

Hi Friend.

Fish Tang here!

If you’ve been in competitive swimming…

You may know me as one of the 18 Total Immersion master coaches in the world. I’m also the ONLY Chinese with the status of “Total Immersion Master Coach”.

Since I started Fishlike, I’ve trained many beginners, triathletes and competitive swimmers to increase their yards effortlessly for over the last 23 years.

In fact, a couple years ago, I worked with Taiwan’s ex-President, Ma Ying Jeou on his freestyle technique as well.

All through my Total Immersion Swimming Strategy!

From left : Master coach Fish Tang, Terry Laughlin (Founder of Total Immersion), Ex-President of Taiwan, Ma Ying Jeou and George K. Shuang (President of United News)

Question: Are You STILL Struggling To Swim In Open Water?

If you’re trying out open water for the first few times, you might run into common problems like:

  1. Running out of breath in the first minute of your swim (often having to tread-water before even reaching 50 yards.
  2. Hitting choppy waters and unable to recover from the waves.
  3. Getting exhausted & deflated fast due to the high energy-low stamina combination for swimming in open water.
  4. Instantly shivering from the cold and cramping up shortly after taking your first few strokes.
  5. Ultimately giving into “Open Water Paralysis” after 30 minutes of breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke.

Now, if that sounds like you…

You’re not alone!

Tons of swimmers (even pool-experts) face these challenges when they first try out open water because…

Open Water Strategy Is Very Different From Swimming In An Olympic Pool!

Couple of reasons here (below is a chart from Instabeat that shows you the key differences).

Open Water Pool
Yardage It is difficult to keep track of your yardage due to the lack of accurate measurements You can track your yardage very accurately based on how many swim laps you do
Pace You can practice longer swims in open water, which makes your pacing accurate track Strokes break when you make a trun at the wall, making your pacing not very accurate
Technique Due to the water conditions (waves, temperature, currents...), it is hard to work on your swimming techniques in open water It is advisable to practice in a swimming pool if you want to work on improving your swimming technique
Preparation Open water training helps you forsee what competitions will be like and prepares you for unpredictable conditions Unless you make your training more interesting, the conditions are always the same, and your workout will be a routine activity
Breathing Breathing here is a challenge, especially that you will be spotting every time you come out for breath Tolerable conditions makes it easy to practice your breathing techniques and have longer underwater swims


But above all.

The key to mastering open water swimming without gasping for air every few minutes or getting overwhelmed is…

Having a coach!

Team Up With The Swim Tribe Team For Sessions To Propel Your Way To Open Water Mastery & Swim Like A Fish!

To answer all the triathletes, competitive swimmers and beginners…

Fishlike has created the Swim Tribe group & will be organizing regular swim events in the neighboring locales.

The truth is…

Skills learnt in the swimming pool alone are not enough, and do not transfer as-is to open water, since higher order competencies are needed, eg. sighting, drafting, rolling with the waves, swimming in a pack, navigating from point-to-point, turning around the buoy, and working with the support team in the kayak or boat.

At the tribe session…

You will be able to practice all of these, as the community of like minded swimmers can help & motivate each other to improve, in terms of aerobic conditioning & skills!

In addition, coaches at Fishlike are highly qualified to help you achieve your goals!

Yes! I’m In! But What Exactly Will I Be Getting From The Swim Tribe Sessions?

Joining the swim tribe allows you to apply and practice the techniques learnt in Open Water Swim clinics conducted by myself and my talented coaches.

You can imprint specific skills into muscle memory & bring your swim skills to the next level.

This in turn allows you to swim smoother & longer without getting tired.

Regular practices will also enhance aerobic conditioning & improve your stamina.

Overall, you will gain confidence in knowing how to handle the open water conditions.

After swim sessions, participants can share experiences and gain valuable knowledge from each other.

  swimtribe-photo2  swimtribe-photo3

Sounds Great! But What About Logistical Support?

  • At each session of the Swim Tribe, kayak support will be present.
  • At the end of the swim session, participants will enjoy the potluck food they have brought along
  • For all Fishlike's events, a floatation buoy is compulsory.  You may rent or purchase one with us

 Yes! I want to be a Swim Tribe member!

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting From The Full Program!

  1. 1 X Open Water Clinic where coaches will share with you hidden swimming methodologies that will make your swim-mates jealous and inspired to learn from you! (worth S$59)
  2. 4 X Swim Tribe Sessions where coaches will train you on the necessary skills to become a successful open water swimmer (worth S$200)

As you go through the program with our coaches and swimmers, you’ll realize that you’ll be able to swim like a fish in open waters and finally conquer your fear of the ocean!


Yes! I want to be a Swim Tribe member!


WARNING: ALL Participants MUST HAVE attended Open Water Clinic!

As the strategies covered are slightly advanced…

It’s required for all swimmers to have attended at least 1 open water clinic (otherwise call +65 6583 3031 to check if you’re eligible).

Finally, you’ll be able to work towards your goals by building distances on a monthly basis & focusing on different tempos and focal points (stroke)…

All to become an expert open water swimmer in no time!

Yes! I want to be a Swim Tribe member!

Here Are The Exciting Distances We’ll Cover Each Month!

  • February 25 - 8.30 - 11.30am (Raffles Marina)
  • March 11 - *Full day event (Lazarus Island swim)
  • April 29 - 8.30 - 11.30am (East Coast Park)
  • May 27 - 8.30 - 11.30am (East Coast Park)
  • June 24 - *Full day event (Lazarus Island swim)
  • July 29 - 8.30 - 11.30am (Marine Cove @ East Coast Park)
  • Aug 19 -  8.30 - 11.30am (Tanjong Beach, Sentosa)
  • Sep 16  - 8.30 - 11.30am (East Coast Park)
  • Oct 28 - 8.30 - 11.30am (Tanjong Beach, Sentosa)
  • Nov 25/26  *2 Days Event "Conquer the 5" (White Sand Islands, Bintan Indonesia)

*Timings to be confirmed

Yes! I want to be a Swim Tribe member!