Race History


SwimExpoAsia (SEA), the brainchild of Coach Tang, Head Coach of Total Immersion (TI) Singapore, started in 2010. This idea of an open water camp came about during Terry Laughlin’s, founder of Total Immersion (TI), U.S.A, visit to Singapore.

A seminar was later conducted by Terry Laughlin, Coach Tang and George Shuang (the CEO of United Dailies, Taiwan) which benefited over 40 participants. The last day of the camp culminated in an open water swim competition amongst the participants. There were 6 participants in the open water swim competition. It was held at Mana-mana Beach Club at East Coast.

In 2011, our attendance increased to 50 participants, who took part in the Open Water Swim Race. This was the first time that there were 5 different distances offered to participants.

In 2012, we were privileged to have Taiwanese TI coaches to come all the way to Singapore just to participate in the race.

2013 marks the break-through year whereby we had 4 participants who took up the challenge and completed all 5-race events (ie amounting to 8.35km). Our participants came from Taiwan and Singapore to take part in our SEA event.

In 2014, 46 participants signed up for the 5 distances. Over 40 of them completed. Dave Cameron, TI Master Coach from US who completed the English Channel twice, also participated in the 5-race events in 2014. Shane Eversield, Founder of Zendurance Cycling, also participated and completed the 5-race events.

For the upcoming 2015 SEA, we are once again trying our best to put together an exciting program. We have invited Shinji Takeuchi, voted the Most Graceful Swimmer with 6 million Youtube views, to Singapore to conduct a series of workshops for the public, our members, as well as TI regional coaches in November 2015. Shinji will also be participating in all the 5-race SEA events.

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