About Shinji Takeuchi

About Shinji Takeuchi

Shinji TakeuchiShinji Takeuchi, born in 1965, started his swimming lessons during his childhood and he did not swim regularly when he was a kid until 2002. At that time, due to a lack of exercise, he gained so much weight that he was advised by his doctor to lose some. He then made the decision to start swimming regularly.

Back then, Shinji was unable to swim for more than 15 minutes and was only able to do the breaststroke. To help him lose more weight, he found this unique swimming technique known as Total Immersion, founded by Terry Laughlin, which he became very interested in. He used this method to teach a friend and in using a buddy-system method, he was able to quicken his learning.

After a year of learning how to swim using the total immersion method, he lost 8 kg. In 2005, he founded Total Immersion Japan and has now more than 40 franchised teaching locations, about 150 coaches, 5,500 workshop attendants and about 30,000 copies of DVD titles sold in Japan.

Shinji built his first Swim Studio in Chiba, Japan, which installed an Endless Pool equipped with 4 cameras to capture underwater and surface video of swimming. Shinji believed that by using this method he could fix all the errors of beginners.

Shinji would always start off with at least 30 minutes of practice drills before moving on to focus on whole stroke practice, a combination of Focal Points and stroke counting. It’s always the same cycle of swimming which starts with

Balance -> Streamline -> Propulsion

Total immersion had proven to be one of the best methods to use for open water swimming and triathlons as it provides effortless swimming for the participants.

Swim Expo Asia 2015

Swim Expo Asia 2015 is honored to have Shinji Takeuchi conduct a series of total immersions swimming workshops to those interested in Open Water Swimming.

Come and join us in this upcoming swimming event to engage yourself with Shinji Takeuchi, the most graceful freestyle swimmer in the world.

Swim Expo Asia 2015 features a brand new race route that promises a challenge to all participants, new or recurrent. This race route was designed with the intention to retain our ‘No running needed to Record Distance’ belief as well as to get rid of boredom of "Swimming in Circles".  Swim Expo Asia is the only open water swim race that allows participants to challenge multiple distances, all in the same day.