Our Ambassadors; Wai Yee and Ivni

Remember Them?

Our visually impaired ambassadors who participated in our Swim Expo Asia 2015 Race; Wai Yee and Ivni!


From left: Hai Yen, Ivni, Wai Yee and Coach Tang

Last year, Wai Yee participated in the 1.5km swim and Ivni did his maiden open water swim with a 400m!

This year, Fishlike International Pte Ltd will continue our support in helping both Wai Yee and Ivni in this year's Open Water Race 2016.  Both of them will be participating in different distances and we will be providing them with the relevant training to assist them towards their goal.

Here's what Wai Yee had to say about her training and participation in the open water race last year!

Hear Ivni's thoughts on racing in the open waters last year:

Both of them will be coached on the Total Immersion technique; a freestyle technique which allows one to swim further effortlessly.

In addition, we are also involving a group of Republic Polytechnic students to blog on Wai Yee and Ivni's progress!  So, stay tuned as we bring you more!


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