Open Water Swim Floatation Buoy

Open Water Swim Floatation Buoy


The Time Before The Floatation Buoy

Before the safety water swimming floatation buoy was introduced in the market, swimmers hardly enjoyed open water swimming due to a couple of reasons.

  • Firstly, swimmers had a hard time of watching over incoming boats, canoes and yachts since the colored caps and swimming suits used were too small to be visible especially when submerged in water.
  • Secondly, swimmers worried too much about their stuff being stolen off the beach while swimming.
Life After The Floatation Buoy Was Introduced

After the introduction of this safety device, most swimmers now view it as a valuable asset with multiple uses aimed to take your swimming experience to the next level. With the use of the open water swimming floatation buoy, swimmers now feel more secure when swimming in open water especially the urban settings such as street beaches where you can’t dare to leave your personal effects behind.


The floatation buoy is also effective for a point-to-point long swims. For those who enjoy open water adventure and sea life exploration, this safety device is worth to consider since it has all the necessary features to keep you safe.


Swimmers who are newcomers in the arena are also recommended to use the open water swimming floatation buoy as a startup in building your confidence and comfort in the open water.

Open Water Swim Floatation Buoy
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Steps To Get You Started

After your new safety device docks, you will find that it’s wrapped in a thick transparent plastic reseal-able bag. At the back of the package, you will find the waist strap attached inside waiting to “start rolling”. When you unfold the bag, you will notice that it’s fairly long. To avoid any inconveniences, you’ll have to roll a portion of it back up to make it watertight.

Setup and configuration

When it comes to setting up the bag, the first step is to stick anything you wish to carry into the dry bag (car keys, sandals, iPod and a few clothes). Next, inflate the buoy and then fold it. This will keep the buoy is watertight.

Now it’s time to attach the strap. At the back of the buoy, you’ll find a thin clip attached from the centre. Clip it towards the strap to tether the buoy to the strap.
The third section is to blow the buoy to make it inflated. At this point, a little mistake can easily destroy your open water swimming floatation buoy. What I mean by that is; the inflation process should be done by your own hot air and not any air boosting devices. Through blowing the red nozzle on top of the bag, you will easily inflate it without any hassle.

The nozzle valves have been designed to function in one way meaning you’ll be able to inflate it within seconds.


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How Do You Swim With The Floatation Buoy

Swimmers are required to clip the strap around their waist so that they can tether with the buoy. Don’t clip the strap too tight around your waist; just enough to ensure that it doesn’t slide off.

When you jump into the water, you’ll notice that the open water swimming floatation buoy floats right up behind you. If it’s submerged under the surface of water, adjust the strap a bit so that it becomes visible.

While swimming, the open water swimming floatation buoy is supposed to drag roughly above your thighs and completely out of the way so that you don’t hit it with your arms while swimming. After you’ve enjoyed a cool swim, come back in the dry land and remove the clips to take out your staff from the dry bag.


The sole reason why swimmers should use the open water swimming floatation buoy is to increase visibility. Some may view it as a life saving device but its main task is to increase visibility.

While swimming in the open water, a power boat or others watching from the beach will clearly see you as opposed to wearing a colored cap. This is because, the open water swimming floatation buoy has a length of 50cm and 20cm tall when inflated making it completely visible from a far distance as opposed to a colored cap which is relatively smaller and completely immersed in water while swimming.


Overall, the open water swimming floatation buoy is designed to keep you safe while swimming in open water. It also plays the role of a dry bag which swimmers can use to carry some light staff while swimming (such as an iPhone, car keys or a GPS for others to get a cleaner GPS track). At the back of the buoy, you’ll find a handle which can be used during an emergency to keep you afloat.

The open water safety swimmer device is also ideal for professional triathletes since its light and one can’t actually feel the effects of its weight. It has also been designed by rubber or PVC material which is resistant to water giving you an easy time while swimming.

Open Water Swim Floatation Buoy
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