Open Water Clinic

Especially For Open Water Swimmers!

Are You Wasting Precious Energy At This Leg Of The Race? Or Simply Struggling At Sea?


Discover How To Conquer The Sea in 3 hours.

Learn How To Stay On Track, Conserve Energy Through Seamless Sighting And Be Comfortable Swimming In A Pack.

 Watch how effortlessly Shinji Takeuchi knives through the sea.  You can swim like him too!


Firstly, please be assured that we completely understand your struggles because we have been there too. Fishlike International is a Swim School that has been established since 1998 and we have helped numerous students go from pool to the open waters.  And for those who were already open water swimmers themselves, we have helped them improve their speed and distance.

What is unique about what we impart?  Well...when it comes to the open waters, we have a PLAN...that is, to swim effectively by reducing energy waste.  In other words,


We address 3 main challenges in our

Open Water Clinic(s)

Challenge #1 -  Staying ON TRACK

Unlike the pool, the sea has NO LINES!!!  The lines in the pool helps us to swim STRAIGHT nicely from one end to another.  In the sea, not only are there no lines, we have to deal with the choppiness and turbulences of this environment. Let's face it, we are kind of swimming blind...so, how then can we swim straight or simply STAY ON TRACK?

In our clinic, we teach a technique that will help you swim straight towards your goal/destination. With this technique, you will never go OFF-Course and you won't have to worry about having to swim back on-course when you do veer away from your intended destination.

Challenge #2 - Getting TIRED too quickly from having to SIGHT frequently

Why do swimmers sight?  Lifting your head increases drag, breaks your rhythm, slows you down and makes you tired.

And quite often, it does LITTLE to IMPROVE navigation.

However, why do so many swimmers make it even harder by looking up so often?  The reason is simple, how would you feel if someone blindfolded you and asked you to navigate a familiar path...unassisted? Even if this is your own bedroom, you would likely feel threatened. Likewise, for most swimmers, swimming in the open water feels a bit like being blindfolded.  Thus, we often seek visual feedback even if what we see is indistinct and unchanging.

How then should we tackle the FEAR of NOT KNOWING where we are swimming unless we sight frequently?  Simply learn how to be a SMART NAVIGATOR!

In our open water clinic, you will learn the technique of SEAMLESS SIGHTING which combines sighting with your strokes.  This way of sighting not only avoids interrupting your swim, you can even reduce the frequency and yet continue to stay on track!

Challenge #3 - STRESS!

There are many reasons why you will feel stress!  Especially if it's your first open water swim or the first few.  Stress may come from too much contact, from swimming in a pack and not wanting to lag behind.

What we have observed is that most stress occurs at the beginning when everyone jumps in and starts splashing furiously.  You may get all caught up because of the fear of being left behind.

We understand that all of us will want to complete the race within a RESPECTABLE TIME.  In our open water clinic, we will share with you how to 'insulate' from stress'  and at the end of it, learn how to swim in a RELAX manner with others and ultimately ENJOY the race.

We all know swimming in the pool and in the sea is DIFFERENT.

We could have chosen to impart these techniques in a pool where we could deal with lesser stability.  However, for the benefit of our students, we want to make our sessions PRACTICAL.  Thus, we will be conducting our clinics at the sea; Tanjong Beach.  Participants can therefore test/practice their new learnt techniques in the environment where they would be racing.

Yes, it's quite a bit of learning.  Do you NEED to pay an ARM and A LEG?
Well...the answer is NO.  WHY?

This is because, we believe in bringing out an athlete's best potential by training with the right techniques and we want to encourage more swimmers to join or improve their open water swims.

We are therefore offering participants an AFFORDABLE fee of S$59 for 3 hours.   This fee includes a swim cap and free rental of floatation buoy . (Please note that freebies are not exchangeable for cash)

The tendency may be to wait closer to your race date to sign up.  Well...we would say, DON'T.
Rather, SIGN UP NOW so that you can have more time in between to PRACTICE what you've learnt!
Dates for 2018 to be out soon!