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2016 Race Schedule

This was our RACE SCHEDULE for 2016 Open Water Race at NSRCC Sea Sports Centre on 5th November. Swim Expo Asia 2016 Race Schedule Time Event 5.45AM Registration for 3.8km swim 6.35AM Briefing for 3.8km swim 6.45AM 3.8km swim start 8.00AM Registration for 1.9km swim 8.55AM Briefing for 1.9km swim 9.00AM Estimate finishing time for…
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Before & After Progress

Before & After Progress of our Ambassadors At the beginning of this year, Ivni & Wai Yee were still relatively not that confident and strong in their swimming ability despite having gone through Swim Expo Asia Open Water Race 2015. Their swimming techniques for their swim were still not fully and correctly mastered. In last…
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Our Ambassadors; Wai Yee and Ivni

Remember Them? Our visually impaired ambassadors who participated in our Swim Expo Asia 2015 Race; Wai Yee and Ivni! From left: Hai Yen, Ivni, Wai Yee and Coach Tang Last year, Wai Yee participated in the 1.5km swim and Ivni did his maiden open water swim with a 400m! This year, Fishlike International Pte Ltd…
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Race History

HISTORY SwimExpoAsia (SEA), the brainchild of Coach Tang, Head Coach of Total Immersion (TI) Singapore, started in 2010. This idea of an open water camp came about during Terry Laughlin’s, founder of Total Immersion (TI), U.S.A, visit to Singapore. A seminar was later conducted by Terry Laughlin, Coach Tang and George Shuang (the CEO of…
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Open Water Swimming Safety

Open Water Swimming Safety Open water swimming is growing tremendously, and people are embracing it so much. People are finding open swimming to be so much fun and quiet and exciting sport. It is evident from the way thousands of people are participating in the activity throughout the world. Most swimmers are trying to break…
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