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Level 1 and 2 Coach Training Workshop

16 November, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 19 November, 2015 @ 3:00 pm

This course prepares coaching candidates to teach private lessons or groups of up to 3 people. Our concentrated 4-day training—supplemented by personal study and practice exercises before and after the course—provides proven tools for teaching students to swim with greater ease, efficiency, and enjoyment than any other program.

Each level includes:
(1) pool sessions to learn drills and specific skills;
(2) pools sessions of hands-on support for drills;
(3) whole stroke practice combined with drills for each level;
(4) class room sessions designed for video analysis for each level.

The coach training also includes extra levels of curriculum, such as toolbox, gearing practice, and speedup planning.

Level 1:

Effortless Endurance
This curriculum takes students through all the Total Immersion drills and numerous strategies for full stroke mechanics.

Balance. Learn to cooperate with - rather than fight - gravity. Balance gives you a comfortable, weightless and stable body position. It also allows students to immediately replace “survival stroking with a long, relaxed, unhurried stroke -- the swimming equivalent of jogging or walking during a long run. Balance is the foundation of control and confidence that paves the way for every skill that follows.

Streamlining. Drag or water resistance does more than anything else to rob you of speed and endurance. Streamlining is the solution. In Passive Streamlining, students shape their body to be longer, sleeker, more hydrodynamic. In Active Streamlining, they learn to move through the water rather than stir it up or push it aside. Reduce drag and immediately swim farther, faster, with less effort.

Effective Propulsion. We teach students to propel more effectively and save energy in two ways: (i) Channel available forces (gravity and body mass) instead of generating muscular forces; and (ii) Shift the workload from weaker, fatigue-prone muscles in shoulders, arms and legs to powerful and fatigue-resistant muscles in the core.

Level 2:

Specific Skills for Smart Speed
This curriculum is designed to horn specific skills to increase speed and distance.

Breathing. We teach students to be more comfortable and effective while breathing. Breathe bilaterally and as often as you want without compromising speed or efficiency by (1) improving head-spine alignment; (2) improve ease and timing by using weight shift to move you to the breath.

Recovery. The relaxed recovery is a key to improving efficiency. We teach students (1) stable angled body position; (2) initial movement of recovery with using "shoulder-blade" technique; (3) the way of using elbows and hands to improve balance and propulsion.

2-Beat kick. The 2-Beat Kick is an essential skill of Perpetual Motion Freestyle. It minimizes drag and turbulence and takes virtually no energy, but adds whole-body power to your stroke. The 2-Beat adds to propulsion by driving your body into its most streamlined position.

Underwater Stroke. Convert Force (horsepower) into Locomotion by (1) Position your extended arm to trap the maximum volume of water; (2) Move your body forward -- rather than move your hand back; and (3) Do both with no arm fatigue.

Tempo Control. Tempo is an internal and individual measure. Regardless of what's going on outside, the stroke rate is determined entirely by the nervous system. In a swimming-improvement method focused on training the brain and nervous system, Tempo Control is the ultimate means.

1) Coaches Certificate of Participation signed by Shinji
2) Your own exclusive photography with Shinji
3) Swim Cap

Medical Release form, swimwear and a pair of goggles. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief, or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make the balance even more of a challenge.

Workshop Date and Time:
16th November: 12pm - 5pm
17th November: 9am - 5pm
18th November: 9am - 5pm
19th November: 9am - 3pm

Early Bird Registration closes on 31st Aug 2015, 1159pm

Workshop Registration closes on 29th Sep 2015, 1159pm

Category SG$
Early Bird Signup For Workshop (Closed) 2000
Workshop 2500
Video of workshop 338


Level 1 & 2 Coach Training
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16 November, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
19 November, 2015 @ 3:00 pm
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